James Hammersley – CEO & Co-founder

Technology is not (well, rarely!) the answer: how to convert new customers to your brand to maximize lifetime customer value – lessons from some of the UK’s leading fashion retailers from
N Brown PLC to L.K.Bennett

James Hammersley co-authored the bestselling book ‘Leading Digital Strategy’

In 2017 Good Growth was able to increase its clients’ revenue by $150 million

James Hammersley is CEO and Co-founder of Good Growth; he thus sees it as his mission to ensure digital growth for his clients. Hammersley’s expertise ranges from digital strategy to CRM and CRO. He holds a degree in Finance and Management and has completed a postgraduate course in Management at the University of Cambridge.

Hammersley is also co-author of the bestselling book ‘Leading Digital Strategy’, which he wrote together with Professor Chris Bones, Good Growth’s Chairman. The book sets out to offer a blueprint for e-commerce success.

Good Growth is a digital consultancy firm based in New York and the UK. Its primary aim is to increase revenue and margin growth by consistently putting the consumer first and, in so doing, encouraging them to engage with a brand online – whether the objective is a purchase, a click or a download. Qualitative and quantitative methods are applied to gain insights into what ultimately leads a customer to cancel an online purchase. Using this knowledge, measures can be designed to retain these customers for years to come. In 2017 Good Growth was able to increase its clients’ revenue by $150 million.

The brand’s consultancy team offers customer-to-action optimisation, digital marketing, customer relationship management, strategy and organisational transformation. Good Growth’s clients include L.K.Bennett, JD Williams, Lidl, The Financial Times, O2, The Economist and Sky.

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In the extremely competitive world of e-commerce, the only way to retain customers is to offer an optimum customer experience