To mark the launch of Berlin Fashion Week, a host of prestigious speakers from all over the world met together on Monday night at Kraftwerk Berlin for the second edition of Industry Insights as part of #Fashiontech. The event was hosted by the Premium Group, Fashion Council Germany, Messe Frankfurt and ZMS Zalando Media Solutions.  

On the main stage, experts from the fashion and technology spheres shared their expertise with the select group of C-level guests present, with the aim of offering inspiration and encouraging new ways of thinking. The event was moderated by Ole Tillmann. 

Rishi Vasudev, Vice President Fashion and Amar Nagaram, Vice President for Consumer Experience from Flipkart, which holds almost 40 per cent of the Indian e-commerce market, had both travelled over from Bangalore especially. They provided insights into their strategy and how they intend to facilitate access to fashion in India – e.g. with a specially developed payment and credit system for customers used to dealing in cash, or a website created to suit the local, often weak network coverage. 

 Thomas Schulz has reported for Spiegel from Silicon Valley for a decade and for years has been interested in the consequences of the digital revolution and its ramifications for society, politics and culture. His best-selling book, “Was Google wirklich will” [“What Google really wants”], reached the top spot on the economics best-seller list. He explains how Google always stays two steps ahead of the rest of the world (through its excellent informal network) and “the next big thing”: healthcare.

Maks Giordano, Managing Director and co-founder of digital consultancy Kreait, spoke about the need for innovation in an era of exponential change, and used a plethora of practical examples to show how technology can be used today and in the future to make the customer journey interactive.

Following the event Zalando Media Solutions held a networking get-together BBQ in the Kraftwerk gardens, offering the chance to round off the day together in cosy style.  

Statement Michael Stracke – Chief Business Development Officer #FASHIONTECH:

The INDUSTRY INSIGHTS that PREMIUM Group organized for the 2nd time together with Fashion Council German and Messe Frankfurt was once again a great success. More than 250 C-level executives benefited from the knowledge transfer and inspiration from Silicon Valley (Der Spiegel), Asia (Flipkart) and Europe (Kreait) and enjoyed the get-together hosted by ZMS Zalando Media Solutions afterwards.